Harmless eye makeup removers | Givenchy Secur'eyes


Harmless eye makeup removers | Givenchy Secur'eyes

the best eye makeup remover mascara remover eyeliner remover

Party season is upon us and that only means more and more makeup. This is the time when people who wouldn't ordinarily apply makeup, do. With any application we must not forget to take off our make up properly in a way that doesn't do damage to our skin.

It is important to be very careful about how you take your eye makeup off. The skin around our eyes are very delicate and any form of mishandling may lead to dark circles, broken and irritated skin. It is important not use any products which needs to be rubbed endlessly to take your eye makeup off.

I've come to love my Givenchy Secur'eyes because of how easily it melts away my cat eye makeup. All I really have to do is spritz a good amount on my cotton pads, press them on my eyelid for a few seconds, dab dab dab and swipe away. That's all! I avoid rubbing which causes redness of the eyeballs and tired-looking under eyes.

Give my safe recommendation a go or try out one of these;


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  1. Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover for Face & Eyes - All Skin Types (10.25 OZ) • Sisley • $85
  2. Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Face & Eye Makeup Remover Skin Cleansing Water 8.4 oz. • Trish McEvoy • $49
  3. Estee Lauder Take it Away gentle eye and lip longwear make-up remover 100ml • Estee Lauder • $23 
  4. Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover • Chantecaille • $40
  5. NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover • NARS • $25
  6. Mac Gently Off Eye and Lip Make Up Remover • M·A·C • $19
  7. Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make-up Remover 118ml • Dermalogica • $27
  8. Charlotte Tilbury Take It All Off eye make-up remover • Charlotte Tilbury • $27.50
  9. Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover • Origins • $19.50
  10. Take The Day OffTM Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips • Clinique • $19
  11. Kiehl's Since Gentle Eye Makeup Remover/4.2 oz. • Kiehl's • $17
  12. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Liquid • Neutrogena • $7.79
  13. Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye & Lip Makeup Remover • Elizabeth Arden • $18
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What happens when you drink green tea for 6 weeks?


What happens when you drink green tea for 6 weeks?

green tea benefits for weightloss

I love tea. That's for sure.. even better if I can get myself to commit to a specific one but there are way too many varieties to stick to one. Anyway, I decided to give green tea a try for six weeks to see if I too can experience the great benefits green tea has been claimed to offer. Every green tea lover swears by this tea so I thought I'd give it a try too!

Frankly, my lifestyle has become less upbeat with me blogging and spending hours seated behind a computer. I love what I do, but I find that it's quite easy to get lazier and too comfortable with snuggling up especially in the cooler months leading to a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. Snacks and sweets come in handy for me during these times. 

What I noticed recently was a decline in my energy levels and quite frankly it wasn't quite there before either. Safe to say I'm unfit which I'd like to clarify a big misconception which is slim girls are fit. Believe me I'm proof that it's not true. Green tea is known as an 'energy pick me up' which is why I did this experiment.

Also, I gained a naughty 5 pounds which would have been okay by me if my tummy didn't want to play peek-a-boo through my clothes. I don't usually work out, all I do it try to eat healthy. So I thought green tea was the right way to go for a not-so-quick fix. 

I used green tea as a weight loss tool but what I've found is way bigger than that. Although I may have to give green tea another go just to be certain but in 6 weeks:

-my hair lengthened by half an inch (my hairdresser pointed this out)
-my face cleared up more (reduced acne and whiteheads)
-my energy levels increased slightly 
-my tummy looks flatter
-my skin looks and feels great by a tad

Benefit of drinking green tea is vast and goes deeper than aesthetics but these are the things I've been able to notice in 6 weeks. Green tea is said to contain all these amazing antioxidants, cancer-preventing polyphenols and fat burning catechins. 

It is recommended to drink 5-6 cups of green tea per day but I honestly just drink one or two as 6 seems excessive to me and let's not forget it does contain caffeine so I can't drink it past a certain hour. I did cut out sweets too but stuck to my usual diet. 

Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated in another 6 weeks which will make it a 3 months update. Till then, grab yourself a cuppa! 

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Best skin care gift sets from $28 to $116


Best skin care gift sets from $28 to $116

affordable skin care gifts for christmas 2017

Skin care products are one favorite things to gift my friends and family and it's that time of the year where it's sometimes difficult to find the right Christmas gifts for loved ones. With skin care, it's  almost never a fail because everyone enjoys a bit of pampering every now and then.

These range I've featured consists of brands and products which some of them I've tried and tested and rave about while others are on my wishlist but still recommend because they are brilliant products which a lot of skin care fanatics go on about.

Skin care gifts are one of my favourites because of all the options to pick from with different price points to fit any budget. Check out my previous post on my favourite moisturising products too which features amazing products I absolutely love.

I love skin care gift sets for myself too because I find it's a great way to test out a product before committing to buying them at a full price since gift sets sometimes come in smaller quantity than the normal package size. These are the 5 I'm currently loving.


        1.  Aesop Avid Explorer SetI'm so eager to try this brand I've heard so much good things about it and I know I am missing out. I suffer from dry hands and I can't wait to try these range filled with coconut and macadamia oils.

2. L'Occitane Almond Shower Gel & Hand Cream 3-pc Set-   I'm an avid lover of oils and almonds and these two work perfectly in this range. It leaves your hands deeply moisturised I think the hand cream alone is a great stocking filler.

3. Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin Starter Kit-  Clinique is a brand which its products speaks for itself and when it comes to acne, these products will put up a good fight. I loved this.

4. Laura Mercier 5-pc Ambre Vanille Luxury Body Set- I love these products as I have personally used them and love them. I feel like I've just been to a spa treatment whenever I use them. Very scented and lingers on for a long while.

5. Dermalogica Skin Kit Normal/Oily Skin- These products is known to help balance the skin and reduce the production of excess oils and keep the t zones as matte as possible. Perfect for Oily skin. 
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3,912 hours of blogging + tips for beginner bloggers


3,912 hours of blogging + tips for beginner bloggers

Important tips for beginner bloggers 2017, underaytedray
I created my first blog in 2009 on the Blogger Platform with little to no plan on how to go about creating content. As with most things without proper planning, it did not work out. Also, I was about start uni so I decided to give it up. I honestly wish I didn't quit it.

School took me about 6 years to complete (I went for a masters degree after my Bachelors) but I always knew my creative side couldn't be tamed for a long time. So here I am blogging again in 2017 and sharing blogging tips for beginners.

Not knowing what to do with myself after school had a lot to do with why I'm back blogging. I could be writing a book but I chose blogging instead. I wanted something fun I would commit to- something that would also allow me express myself however way I please.

1. Blog Name

I won't lie, I had a really hard time coming up with one. I love my surname but I didn't have a ring to it in combination with Ray, so I had to come up with something. I wanted something that wouldn't put me in a box. I avoided names that included fashion. life, beauty and such. I'm someone who is passionate about a lot of things so I opted for something that sounded good to me with a little quirk as my personality tend to be. Needless to say the pun in 'Unde-ray-ted Ray' was much intended.

If you love the sound of your full name with a .com attached to it, then you are indeed very lucky. It is one of the best options for unison in branding. Your name + Your Face + Your Blog =  Your brand.

Although, if you decide to opt for something else then that's your chance to go to town and come up with whatever you want. One way to find options is using name generators which you can easily google search.

2. Blog Design

Designing this blog seems never ending or maybe I'm just too picky. Since the time I started this blog back in May, I have changed my theme over 20 times with a mixture of free and paid-for themes. Perhaps it's a shameful thing to admit to but nothing really suits my vision. Of course there's an option to pay for a customised theme to achieve the look you want but you may be set back a good $700-$1.300.

Also, because this blog was created using the Blogger platform, themes were a little subpar to Wordpress themes which easily look professional. If you are a blogger who wants to make money off blogging you need to make sure you look the part. As with anything on the internet, your look is your first impression.  That is what will determine if readers come back and the caliber brands that will work with you.

You can however, get really cool themes from Etsy, CreativeMarket and ThemeForest. They have a wide variety to pick from. The Etsy ones come a little cheaper than the other two. One other place you can look for that polished clean minimal look is Pipdig. I really recommend them. I am in the process of switching platforms which will be handled by Pipdig.

3. Self host or not?

I'd say skip all the hurdles and go straight away into self hosting. That's if you are really sure about blogging. However, if you are just testing the waters then I will suggest you use free platforms which allows you to pick a domain name for free, register it and start creating content.  Blogger and Wordpress offers this.

Two important factors to note is that you will have a .wordpress.com or a .blogspot.com attached behind your domain name. You can give it a go for a short while but I recommend you buy your own domain name from the start to avoid redirection horrors at a later time. Also, it is brilliant for a polished and professional look. Second, if you opt for a free version of wordpress you will not be allowed to monetise your blog.

I started on Blogger, still using it but I'm in the process of moving to Wordpress.org for more flexibility and to bring to life that vision of mine.  A rebranding if I may.

Self-hosting allows you control over your blog and to manage it however you please. Using ads, cool blogging plugins and being in control of your blog security is all in your hands. Aesthetically, they have all the cool looking premium themes. Technically, they allow you easily optimise your blog posts for search engines which benefits how you rank in searches.

To self host, check out these platforms: Wordpress.org, Wix.com, Squarespace.com to name a few. For hosting plans, you can purchase one from BlueHost, Siteground or Godaddy etc. Do your research to chose the one that will work best for you.

4. Choosing a niche

Most people usually have an idea of what they want to blog about before anything else. There's so much you can blog about. Fashion, beauty, travel are one of the most common niches. I love these because there's no limit to what you can write about.

It is okay to have multiple interests as I do. I simply write whatever I fancy and feel like sharing but I don't stray too far.I keep it around general lifestyle topics.

Choosing a niche is very important in attracting target audience. A lack of content focus will generate a divided audience. You may have difficulty knowing what your readers really like to read, some posts may really do well and others won't because not everyone is reading each one you put out.

5. Creating content

To some this may be the easy part and to some this may be the hard part. It all depends on how easy inspiration comes to you. I personally keep a journal of ideas for when the writer's block hit. Register an account on Pinterest. It is a way to achieve a stream of evergreen inspiration. Another of my favourite is Bloglovin.

As a creator, you want to create original content. It is okay to get inspiration from other bloggers written posts but DO NOT plagiarise, take an idea make it your own but putting your own spin on it. It looks bad on if you do and your page may be reported and Google will penalise you for it.

Also, it benefits your readers if you have a designated day and time you chose to upload posts. I normally upload biweekly on Mondays and Thursdays. This way, your readers will be aware of when to expect new content from you. Everything that works on a schedule typically have a good outcome.

6. Creating time

What I've come to learn is how time consuming blogging is especially for beginners. From creating content to promoting your blogs across your social media platforms, to researching how to blog better. It takes a lot of time. Blogging is one of those things that the amount of time you put in it shows in the outcome. It makes all the difference.

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My current skin care necessities for dry skin


My current skin care necessities for dry skin

great moisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted ray

moisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted raymoisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted raymoisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted raymoisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted ray

Anyone who knows me know that half of my yearly purchase are primarily skincare products.. then food, lol. In this post, I share with you guys my current skincare favourites for my dry skin as we go into the drier months. First of all I'm going to share with you guys my wonderful skin type. 

*Face: Oily around the t-zone and normal around the perimeters. Acne-prone with a constant battle with blackheads.

*Lips: normal in warmer months but chap-prone in the colder months

*Body: Dry.. very dry

*Feet & Hands: super duper dry!

Whew! Now that that's out of the way, it's time to share why I've opted for this particular products. I think I need to declare as well that I'm sort of  a product junkie. I like trying new products always and may not commit to one for very long. However, if I find something that works unbeatably, then I'll keep purchasing.

I love these product because they do not clog my pores which is very important for my acne prone skin and oily skin. Using these on a daily basis has helped to tame my wild skin.

Body Shop Body Butters: I mean.. if you could wear the wonderful scents and flavours of fruits on your skin, why wouldn't you? I love Body Shop. This brand is truly wonderful: naturally sourced ingredients, cruelty free, impressive corporate social responsibility schemes (getting carried away now because I wrote a term paper about them which I aced lol). I just love them for what they embody. More so, the body butters are just so nice for my skin type. They moisturise me perfectly and there's a whole range to chose from however mango and almond are my favourites.

Laura Mercier Foam Bath: I discovered this brand last year when all the Youtube beauty gurus raved about the loose setting powder and thought to take a look at their skincare. I used the souffle body creme first which I fell in love with then and now the bath cream makes me excited about a bath. It smells divine and doesn't dry out my skin. The scent lingers for so long. This is just a great product.

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion: By now, you should have caught on that I love scented products on my body (..but not my face!).  I love this body lotion  for the simple fact that it moisturises and smells very nice with a wide range of scents to chose from. Sometimes I have to layer on some coconut oil for optimum moisture and glow. 

Royal Jelly Hand & Nail Cream: Guys, I'll let you in on something.. don't be so quick to write off Marks & Spencer's beauty products. This hand and nail cream is the best thing that happened to my dry hands and palms. It deeply moisturises with no need for frequent top ups. It has a light scent and instantly makes my hand plump. I really recommend this.

Body Shop's Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30: I must admit I have a love/hate feeling towards this moisturiser. I love how it moisturises my face and leaves it matte and protected from UV rays but I find the scent overpowering for me. The vitamin c is beneficial for your skin and I noticed my face getting brighter while some blemishes were fading away. I uses SPF as much as I can and not only when the sun is out and bright. This works well, gets the job done I'm just not into the heavy scent. 

Nature's Ingredients Shea Lip Butter: This lip butter was given to me by my sister. I ran out of the Vaseline I would normally use and I'm even happier with this product. It contains shea butter which is a very good moisturising agent. This lip butter keeps my lips soft and moisturised all day long. I really can't believe how long it lasts on! Another great find from M&S.

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Autumn is official!


Autumn is official!

best tea for autumn season

What are you autumnal rituals? I don't have much but that's usually when I get 'tea crazy'. I've never been a coffee drinker so I don't get excited about pumpkin spice lattes making their seasonal appearance once more.. haha. 

I love teas, all of them. Bitter, sweet, tangy, flavourful. You should read my post on turmeric tea: extremely beneficial in a lot of ways and for cramps too!

This is just a post to wish you all a great season. There's lots to look forward to: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to name a few. I wish everyone a great time.


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Bag of the season for less | Chloé Nile Bag


Bag of the season for less | Chloé Nile Bag

Chloé Nile Crossbody Bag Burgundy Dupes

Chloé was one of the brands that  made spring and summer to fun this year. The Chloé Women's Nile Crossbody Bag especially was so eye-catching. It was all over Instagram, YouTube.. I mean all the fashion bloggers have this bag and the more I see it the more I want but but not ready to pay close to $2,000 for it. 

One of my favourite fashion bloggers, The Fashion Mumbler, recently did an unboxing video of this Chloé bag in this beautiful fall shade called Sienna red. It was too beautiful I decided to scour the internet for dupes and more affordable alternatives.

When looking for dupes, you want to check out Asian websites that carry affordable pieces and you may want to take a look at Amazon as well.  I've gotten some few designer dupes over the years on Amazon for  less than $50!

Chloé Nile Bag Dupe Option 1
Chloé Nile Bag Dupe Option 2
Chloé Nile Bage Dupe Option 3 

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Most picturesque spots in my hometown


Most picturesque spots in my hometown

*This post in in partnership with Panasonic

One of my favourite things to do is sight-seeing via a moving transport or a simple plain old hiking. I am lucky to have walked the Kagoro Hills of the Southern Kaduna region and look at the amazing photos we took. A look should be given to these range of  4k CSC Camera if you're keen on achieving amazing quality on your pictures.

panasonic 4k CSC camera

If you have read my post about how I practice mindfulness then you will know exactly why I visit these types of places. I also talked about ways to find like-minded people by actively doing what you love and if you give me just a penny for every person I've met while hiking I'll probably be 20 quid richer lol.

Growing up in Africa has been a true blessing in itself. The food, the culture, the hospitality, humour and of course beautiful sights and locations to take pictures like these. There's a lot more to Africa than Safaris. There are so many places here you need to see.

panasonic 4K CSC camera

The Kagoro region is very rich in vegetation with hilltops giving you an opportunity to see even further and beyond the plains stretching as far as Jos, a neighbouring town. The settlers here are so kind and hospitable just like most people you find in the rural settlements of Nigeria.

Tourists usually seek consent from the Kagoro Chief before ascending the hills because there's lots of folklore and stories about heroes and supernatural beings who once reigned the settlement. The Chief therefore offers prayers for a safe passage to tourists to welcome them and open their settlement to them.

panasonic 4k CSC camera

This waterfall above is called the Matsirga Waterfalls. It takes its source of spring water from the Kagoro Hills cascading from four other sources. The waterfall is said to be full of mystery and wonders especially how the cave beneath the waterfall puffs off smoke occasionally.

The locals around here talk about how rainbows mysteriously appears at the waterfall usually on Sundays but I'm pretty sure science has a good explanation about rainbows appearing near water bodies. Whatever the case may be, this place is beautiful and I'll be back.

I have so much more to share from my visit to Africa so be sure to check back for more posts like these to watch me explore.

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Late summer vacay outfits Vol. 2 | zaful


Late summer vacay outfits Vol. 2 | zaful

So I was reached out to reached out to by Zaful.com to comment about their varied black & white summer dresses.  Right of the bat, I was drawn to these pieces seeing how feminine and versatile they are. I recently started wearing dresses and these four looks like they'll make a great wardrobe addition. Some of these pieces are timeless enough to wear this summer and next summer as well.

Checked Plunging Neck Sleeveless Mini DressLace Spliced Slash Neck DressCasual Long Sleeve Shirt DressSheer Flare Sleeve Dress With Golden Thread

I love black and white dresses. I find them so easy to wear and accessorize. A little pop of color and it will make a phenomenal outfit.

I love this dress. The cut, fit and flare and of course it's Gingham! Truth be told, one of the few times I like Gingham is when it is black and white. 

Love this dress because of the lace detailing at the bottom, I find it dinner appropriate and will look great on a girls night out.

A white cotton shirt dress is a timeless piece. There are a hundred and one ways I can style still through and season. Pretty on its own and great with tall boots for autumn time.

This dress just looked so feminine and gorgeous. It caught my eye straight away. Love the ruffle details and how soft and sheer it appears. It a perfect romantic dress for a summer holiday.

If you fancy anything on my list and would like to get you some bargain finds, then click the image below to scoop yourself up some affordable pieces with extra 10% off. Use this code ZFEN to get extra 10% off.

Late summer vacay outfits No.2 | zaful wishlist

Stick around for a more detailed review when I finally lay my hands on the items I picked out. 
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Why we outgrow people & why it is okay to move on


Why we outgrow people & why it is okay to move on

There's a great pleasure in having some company and a greater pleasure in keeping genuine company. I have thought about writing this post for the longest and I finally got around to writing it. It took me a while because it's coming from personal experiences I'd rather have kept personal but it doesn't even matter anymore. 

I've met a lot of people throughout my life. Mostly from high-school through college and then grad school and others just from random occasions. While most relationships I've had, had it's good and bad, some were just not worth maintaining. 

One thing about me that still needs a lot of working on is the high expectations I have on others. I try to remind myself that the way I treat others isn't necessarily the way I'd be treated in return and that's okay. Understanding the intentions behind an action is what counts most. 

So, I've kept my circle of close friends very small because that's what works best for me. People I can trust and have a good time with and comfortably share a sad story with. That's the bare minimum genuine relationships should offer.

My circle of friends got even smaller after a massive evaluation of all the relationships I kept and I realised some were just not serving me anymore and neither was I them. Some conversations were seeming too forced for my liking and I found myself agreeing to what I internally disagreed with just to keep the peace and the friendship going.

starfish blue sea stock photo beach white sand whhite shells

Why I started to outgrow some relationships

  1. Differing values and principles- I am not one to make friends just to have a large circle of people around me. When I meet people and decide to become friends with them, it's because we share some values in common rather than a pair of stilettos. When you don't share some core values and principles then there will be a higher tendency of clashes which may lead to an unhealthy relationship.
  2. Polarising life choices- a little similar to the first point however certain life choices will sever a friendship in a flash. As individuals, we all have deal breakers for a number of scenarios.  A deal breaker is something that you can't figure you way around and nothing can work or be salvaged from that. 
  3. Maturity- unfortunately, not everyone's  thinking process will be on the same plane with yours and that's okay. Facing somes challenges and certain experiences frame our thinking and cause our thinking and perspective to change. We start to see things differently from another point of view which may be incomprehensible for others around us. In our search to find people who will understand us, we outgrow the others.  
  4. Toxicity- there is no compromising here. Sadly, it seems most toxic people that you'd come across are most likely someone you've known for a long time or deeply trust. It took me a while to realise what I sometimes called tough love was just plain old toxicity. Having toxic people around you may be very damaging to your self esteem and confidence.

stacked stones zen stones balance stones peace meditation yogi yoga stones

Why it is okay to move on 

The biggest favor I ever did myself was to let dead and dying relationships go. Now, I have a clearer picture of the people I want to surround myself with. People whom I have deep connections with and can share important moments with.

Certain  elements in a person's character won't likely change no matter how much we want them to and to hold on to something or someone that isn't fulfilling you is nothing short of a burden. Holding on to such relationships and people is a sure-fire way to keep yourself from going forward.

For me, taking something away from an experience is more than enough. I learn, then I move on.

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Last minute summer dresses | Rosegal


Last minute summer dresses | Rosegal

Summer may be a never ending season for people who live in the tropics  but it's quickly wrapping up for others. I've seen lovely inexpensive sundresses for women from Rosegal for last minute travellers like myself. I'll be going away very soon and these items will make their way into my suitcase.

What I love about these items is how they come in amazing price points and that's great since the bulk of summer is gone. I've selected items that I see myself wearing a lot next summer as well.  

I chose this dress because of how pretty it is in that watermelon dress. Swing dresses such as these look really lovely on a petite frame and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. The ruffles on the shoulders provide this dress with the femininity and chicness every holiday goer desires.

This is another gorgeous piece. W'eve seen how blue was the color of summer this year and how the off the shoulder trend was huge. I love the cut at the back of this dress. It gives it something extra and that's a subtle way to show off your back.

Online 3/4 Sleeve Cut Out Short A Line Dress WHITE XL

I love how simple this white dress is and with the applique detail across the chest. It extends to the sleeve revealing an elegant looking cut-out. White dresses are a summer staple and are so easy to style for a day at the beach or touring the city. 

Love how flowy this dress is with muted pinks and sage green. The best thing about long dresses such as these ones are they're a great transitional piece into the fall. They can easily be styles in the summer with mules and strappy shoes and styled with tall boots for fall.

Take advantage of getting new and affordable clothes. There's a huge summer sale on Rosegal right now from 33% off and you can get an extra 10% off by shopping with my code RGEN. Enter the code at checkout for a great bargain. Click the banner below to head straight to the sales. 


Happy shopping 🖤🖤🖤

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Disclaimer | False misconceptions about lifestyle bloggers


Disclaimer | False misconceptions about lifestyle bloggers

I never thought I'll ever need to address the misconceptions people have about bloggers; especially on lifestyle bloggers who share tips and on different aspects of life like I do but hey, here I am! I still consider myself a newbie in blogging because there's a lot for me to learn so I find this topic a bit premature for me to talk about.

In almost four months of blogging, I've learnt so much and it can't even be compared with how much more there is for me to learn. I feel too new to have been dealt my own share of trolling and much worse that it's by another blogger. 

One thing that I am certain about is that blogging is very time consuming and requires a lot more work than non-bloggers actually think! So I felt a bit gutted that another blogger would decide troll and spam my blog. 

As a lifestyle blogger, all we really do is share our lives with our audience hoping they can at least take something away from our blog. If anything I have written can help at least person, then I consider it a job well done. 

My blog is primarily about bits and bobs on lifestyle and I also share tips and tricks on self development. I like to share what has worked for me and what I have learnt along the way of developing my personality. With anything that that involves the self, the exact same thing won't work for everybody so it may require some tweaking. We are all very unique.

I'm by no means a certified life coach of any sort nor am I a psychologist (click my about tab to learn more about me). I don't know how every human mind works but I know how mine does and I share how I conquer some personal challenges. 

Reading up tips and tricks online is just the bare minimum one can do to achieve certain results. The real work is really up to you to decide how you implement and achieve them. It's important to know working on oneself has no stop point because each day presents itself with a different challenge. 

When bloggers share, we share out of the abundance of our hearts. Blogging has really helped me a lot. From polishing my writing, to meeting other bloggers and putting myself out there (something I found extremely hard for me to do but I am happy to). Please note that I am very open to all positive criticisms and disagreements. That's how I grow. You can leave them in my comments or email me.

I am not about to stop blogging because of negative energies thrown my way. As a matter of fact it has inspired me to write a post on how I neutralise such bad energies. This post just serves as an official disclaimer and a motion to keep my blog honest.

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Turmeric for cramps (moderate to severe period cramps)


Turmeric for cramps (moderate to severe period cramps)

28 days of bloom, 5 days of gloom. Period cramps always got the best of me despite avoiding sugar and exercising, drinking lots of water and what not - all that good stuff! Some months I experienced moderate cramps while other months were severe but I found a menstrual cramp treatment that works wonders for me and I believe it's share-worthy.

One horrific fact- According to this US National Library of Medicine's study, menstrual pain was reported by 84.1% of women, with 43.1% reporting that pain occurred during every period, and 41% reporting that pain occurred during some periods. This study revealed that 1 out of 4 women experience period cramps.

So for me, I literally became reliant on pain medications during my periods especially Ibuprofen. However, it can be really damaging and bad for you leading to gastrointestinal problems. For me I developed bad acid reflux overtime from using this.

I knew those medications could damage my stomach linings but I didn't care much. I took it as a problem to be dealt with later. Anything to get rid of those horrible cramps!

...soon after that, my vegan sister came to my rescue!

She introduced me to turmeric and told me all about it's benefits. I was so skeptical about it because I have so much faith in pharmaceutical medications. I'll just go right ahead and list what turmeric can be used for;

  • turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties (NSAIDs)
  • act as painkillers
  • contains anticoagulants (Aspirin)
As everyone should, I did extensive research before I eventually gave it a try and once I did, I never looked back. It is said that Ibuprofen overdose may cause hemorrhaging for people with certain medical conditions while turmeric on the other hand, has relatively no known side effects unless taken in extremely excessive amounts.

Turmeric's main content Curcumin, has anti-inflammatory properties which is powerful in relieving period cramps by inhibiting the activities of our inflammatory enzymes. Curcumin supplements may increase blood flow due to its ability to thin out the blood so it may lead to a heavier flow.

Also, it reduces the production of prostaglandins hormones which is responsible for uterus contractions known as the main cause of cramps.

Here's how to make turmeric tea with just two simple ingredients:

  1. Turmeric Powder
  2. Ground black pepper
Instructions: put a teaspoon of ground turmeric into a coffee mug with half teaspoon of ground black pepper. Pour hot water over it. Cover it for three minutes then sift tea. That's all and enjoy!

You can add ginger and other spices for flavouring like my sister does but I prefer to keep mine simple.

The relevance of the black pepper is to help for quicker and better absorption of turmeric properties. Black pepper allows our body to use turmeric. It is very important you add this. 

The best part is I can drink a cup of turmeric tea three to four times a day depending on severity of cramps. I couldn't do this with medications usually having strict timings of 6-8 hours between doses.

I'm so happy I found this natural remedy that works for me. Kindly share your thoughts about this below and be sure to seek medical advice from your physician before trying out ayurvedic healing. 

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DIY face mask for dry sensitive skin with avocado


DIY face mask for dry sensitive skin with avocado

Dry skin? Sensitive skin? Or a "tremendous" combination of both? Don't worry, I got you on this one! Lately, avocados have been making a huge statement foodwise and I'm loving every creamy bit of them. They're great on toast, great in a salad, yummy in a bowl of smoothie but did you know avocados contain beneficial properties for beautiful skin whether eaten or applied topically? 

I am in a constant battle with a dry and sensitive skin (acne prone too) so I'm always looking for simple and effective care for my skin and what's better than a DIY face mask? Talk about easy to make, harmful chemicals-free and full of nutrients. The avocado is once again making center stage!

Benefits of avocado on skin

  • It contains a high level of Omega-3 fatty acid which is great for moisturising the skin. This natural oil has the ability to deeply penetrate the top layers of your skin which helps with hydration as well as eliminating dry patches.
  • Rich in antioxidants and collagen, avocados give a youthful plump to your skin. The appearance of facial lines and crow's feet are greatly reduced when applied routinely.
  • The presence of glutamine amino acid ensures that your skin is protected from harsh environmental factors that aggravates sensitivity of the skin. It is able to do this by cleansing the deep layers of your skin. 
  • Avocados also contain a high level of vitamin E oils which is greatly absorbed by the skin providing a baby-soft smooth skin. Vitamin E also has the ability to act as a protective barrier against eczema and psoriasis.
Don't tell me you just read all these wonderful benefits and you haven't added avocados to your shopping list yet! *gasp* lol. I have been applying an avocado homemade mask twice a week on my face and I'm going to share the recipe with you. You'll need;

Mask recipe:

  1. ½ ripe avocado 
  2. ¼ cup uncooked oatmeal
  3. 2 tablespoon of Greek yogurt 
  4. 1 tablespoon honey

  • Cut the ripe avocado in half then scoop the creamy flesh of one half into a bowl. Gently mash the avocado with a fork or spoon (easy). 
  • Following this, combine with 2 tablespoon of Greek yogurt, add ¼ cup of oatmeal and lastly add a single tablespoon of honey. 
  • Fold all mixture in without beating or whisking. Note - Avoid doing this in order not to break up the enzymes of these ingredients to get the best result.
How to use:
  • Wet and pat dry your face with warm water.
  • Apply mixture directly onto face using clean hands or brush.
  • Leave mixture on for 20 minutes.
  • Gently rinse off with a washcloth and follow with your favourite moisturiser. It's that simple.

I do this twice a week and my skin has been loving me back. It is really simple to follow and easy to make with these basic ingredients normally found at home. Also note - If your skin is really dry, gently scrub while you rinse but avoid doing this if it's very sensitive or irritated to avoid redness. Let me know in the comment if you have ever used a DIY mask or are willing to give my homemade moisturizing avocado face mask for dry skin a try.

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Creative ways to practice mindfulness (no yoga or meditation)


Creative ways to practice mindfulness (no yoga or meditation)

how to practice mindfulness everyday+ benefits of mindfulness

Once I began using smartphones and social media, life has been going on way faster than I can catch up. It feels like I can't keep up with time and being early on new trends became a priority.

I remember purchasing my first smartphone once I was through with high school- fun times it was but apparently that was also when I started to forget how to be mindful and aware of my present moments.

I grew up playing Pokemon cards and playing outdoors like every other 90's kid back then and during that time I felt really connected and in tune with my thoughts and surrounding. I was present!

I can't discredit the importance of smartphones and social media. It's all about finding a balance within yourself.

What is mindfulness?

My understanding of mindfulness is the ability to be present in all situations while not being overwhelmed by things that you have no control over. Mindfulness requires us not to be overly reactive- especially on negative things of the past.

I learned that mindfulness is not an ability we need to acquire because it's already present in us. We just need to make a conscious decision to practice this everyday in order to strengthen it. Our minds are quick to wander off, thinking about what's yet to happen or what's already in the past and forgetting what's in front of us.

A lot of mindful activities center around yoga and meditation and I understand why. Now I don't do yoga, but I meditate maybe once a couple of days. Meditation clears our thoughts and organizes our thinking process. I find this really beneficial since I am a blogger and creativity is a priority for me however, there are other fun ways I practice mindfulness and being present.

How I practice mindfulness

  • Using photography and imagery- I never liked taking pictures, a selfie here and there but nothing too 'posey'. My sister would always take pictures of me and thanks to her I have some documented moments stored away. The reason why I use photography to practice mindfulness is because we often forget about those little moment of our lives and those are the ones that counts most- especially when you're having a bad day. Taking candid pictures are great for capturing specific moments and emotions that are locked in time. View them to bring yourself back to a good space. I and my sister film little videos of our nephews, creating our most cherished moments to look back on.

  • Speaking to my mind- Another way I practice mindfulness is by talking to myself (not out loud) lol, No one wants to look crazy. What I do is prep myself towards an activity prior to commencing it. It's a way to ensure awareness allowing me put my mind into everything I do. For example, if you are having a conversation with a friend, put your mind and thoughts into it. Remind yourself to listen and be present in that conversation, then respond appropriately with full awareness. I've caught myself wandering off during conversations.

  • Hiking- or something as simple as taking a walk. Other than exercising your leg muscles, hiking helps by removing you from your comfort zone and opens you to a new environment with fresh air with an initial  sense of  determination whether you reach your goal or not. It's an opportunity I take to clear my mind and resolve lingering issues within myself. 
There are myriads of benefits in practicing mindfulness. Personally I have experienced increased focus, more creativity, reduced stress level, emotional balance and overall mental well being. I am grounded and above all, present. However you chose to practice mindfulness shouldn't really matter as far as you are making the effort.

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    Consequence of shyness | Overcome shyness + increase confidence


    Consequence of shyness | Overcome shyness + increase confidence

    how to overcome shyness + tips to get rid of shyness

    For a fraction of introverts like me, shyness was a strong part of my character for a very long time. It still is but I don't let it get in the way of what needs to get done. I had trouble speaking openly, loudly and reaching out to people. I experienced the effects of shyness on someone's life and learned that being shy will have nothing but negative consequences for me.. or anyone.

    Looking back over the years, being shy really cost me some fun opportunities. Nothing major.. but boy oh boy, wouldn't I have loved to be a part of the debate team or the basketball team in my teens. The older I got, I came to the conclusion that shyness wasn't going to get me anywhere in life. I guess it would be fine if I didn't have goals and dreams that involved interacting with thousands of people but I do!

    What shyness can do
    1. Shy people have a tendency to go on dates less often than non-shy people. So, if you're looking to go on successful dates you might want to loosen up a bit.
    2. It makes interacting difficult. This may cause you to miss out on life-changing opportunities.
    3. Shyness may lead to self-doubt. Note that shyness is born from a state of uncertainty and worrying about what other people think.
    4. It makes you appear unassertive and lacking confidence in simple things like interviews and that doesn't ever have a happy end.
    5. In an attempt to appear 'cool' and 'average', shy people have more tendency to overcompensate in social gatherings.
    Personality changes and self-improvement takes time. By no means is it an overnight transformation. It requires patience, determination and consistency. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit but I'm a strong advocate for steadfastness no matter how long it will take to get the desired results.

    Here's what you can do to overcome shyness.

    • No one is looking: it's all in your head more than half the time. As a 'used-to-be-shy' person I learnt that when I'm in social gatherings, I don't really care much for what people do or say. I listened to them without judging and never retained specific thoughts in my head about anyone. That's probably how a lot of people feel too. Stop worrying about what people might think of you.. they probably aren't thinking about your actions at all and that doesn't mean they don't regard you as a person.

    • Lights. Camera. Action: confidence is a thing of action and less of the mind. We all harbor some fraction of insecurities on the inside and that's it, keep it on the inside. No one has to know you are terrified of walking alone into a room full of people. It's all in your stride and carriage. Observe, learn, practice and master. That's a way to be confident that no one likes to talk about. Fake it till it you make it.

    • You just have to get out there: look into your hobbies and join a club. Being among people who share common interest with you makes it easier to open up and talk more. Check out this post on how to find your tribe. Connecting with right people will bury your fears of socializing and boost your confidence levels.
    Follow these tips to overcome shyness and social anxiety and be more confident in public. Do not force yourself to break out of it overnight but also keep in mind that the cost of shyness can be really steep.

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    Time management tips that works for everyone


    Time management tips that works for everyone

    We've all been there. Those mornings when you wake up tired because you pulled an 'all-nighter' trying to complete the tasks of the day before, sleeping in seminars, barely having time for lunch, making deadlines by the last minute? Basically, you are in a constant race chasing time. This was me till I discovered these time management tips that will benefit not just college students but everyone else.

    Two major problem most people face, is proper prioritizing and making the right decisions at the right time. Both which I sucked miserably at in my college years. Even while I was in grad school, I faced major distractions too but I easily dealt with them with these tips below.

    1. Schedule your day by the hour 
    Planning out you day by simply making a list won't cut it for a college student. Time is extremely illusive for any busy person. The trick is to schedule your day on an hour to hour basis. Every thing on your to do list should have a corresponding time frame which it must be executed by.

    This way, you ensure and enforce discipline on yourself. By doing this, you won't be able to entertain distractions for too long because you are aware of what you should be doing at a particular time.

    Whenever I make a regular to do list, I end up scrunching up everything together thinking I'd complete them all at once. However, I have a tendency not to finish my tasks on time and end up pulling an all nighter or end up leaving it for the next day.

    2. Write down your list
    To avoid forgetting what's on your to do list, it is best to write them down. You can easily go over the list throughout the day and  that way to make sure you are check yourself and ensure you are doing the right thing at the right time.

    Have them written on a cute memo pad (the brightly colored ones worked best for me) or have them typed down in your phone. There is a higher chance you may leave your memo pad at home than to forget your phone.

    3. You won't be productive everyday
    I used to spend countless hours in the library everyday trying to get work done but it was all wasted time. Those kind of unproductive days happen and it's okay. Sometimes the creative juices just won't flow.

    Knowing better now, the key is to use that time on other physical activities. This is the time to do your laundry, get your groceries, clean your room, go to the gym or enjoy an evening out but avoid getting drunk. Getting drunk may disrupt your balance for a successful week. 

    4. Avoid pulling an all-nighter
    It may seem to work at first but it's a trap. An all-nighter is like a loan shark. It will likely cost you more than what you asked for. Setting up a bed time and following it strictly is the best way to avoid studying late into the night.

    There will be adequate time for you and your tasks if you wake up early enough. Working late at night will get you feeling tired  with reduced productivity which will end up costing you more time to efficiently get your work done.

    5. Don't forget to have adequate fun
    Getting a chance to have a nice time with your friends can be invigorating and potentially raise your energy levels for the rest of the week. When done correctly, it leads to more productivity. It is wise to take some time off to hang out and do other things asides working.

    I recommend spending your weekends this way to recover and be ready for the following week. This is also a key way to reduce distractions during the week by doing the activities you want during the weekends. 

    These are some of the tips I follow in ensuring that I achieve productivity. I wish I learned how to manage my time quicker but I eventually learned somehow. Follow these effective time management tips and breeze through college life or work life like a pro. 

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    Important beauty checklist for optimal self care


    Important beauty checklist for optimal self care

    important beauty self care routines for beginners

    You may have come across the term self care in a magazine or blog. Self care is an activity a person indulges in which helps them maintain optimal physical and/or mental  health.

    Self care frequently consists of various activities you can do better your health, body and mind but the focus here is self care tips and ideas for beauty. Take your skin and body as a canvas. The clearer it is the better the art.

    However, beauty lovers have a tendency to overlook these key routines which are beneficial for the skin and overall health while focusing more on make up products.

    1. Moisturizing
    Moisturizing they say is one of the oldest tricks in the book for young-looking, radiant and supple skin. Whether you have sensitive skin, combination, dry or oily, there's one out there for you. How often you moisturize makes the difference. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer in the morning and evening all over your body to maintain a healthy, glowing skin and defy premature ageing.

    2. Flossing
    Dentists advise we brush our teeth twice a day- and floss right after and in between meals. Some people brush twice as recommended, most don't and even fewer floss. Do you know that flossing will save you several trips to the dentist by keeping cavities and gum diseases such as gingivitis away. Flossing saves you money and keeps your dentist happy too. Flossing is a really important part of a healthy oral hygiene.

    3. Water
    Often we think we are drinking enough water but that's not usually the case. Experts recommend drinking nothing less than 8 glasses per day which is roughly 2 liters. Water benefits us by replenishing our skin tissues and increasing the elasticity in our skin.When the body gets enough water, your skin will look soft and fresh.

    4. Exercise
    Exercising  is not all about shedding weight. Regular exercise also gives you a boost in confidence and mood which reflects in the way you carry yourself. Also, it keeps your skin tight and toned and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 

    5. Vegetables
    If you want a radiant skin, that old adage which says "you are what you eat" has never been truer. You don't have to spend more money on vitamin pills when you can easily get these important nutrients from your vegetables. Some of the most important nutrients for healthy hair, skin and nails are Zinc, Vitamin C and Biotin which are best sourced naturally.

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    How to find beauty in every moment - even the horrible ones


    How to find beauty in every moment - even the horrible ones

    how to find beauty in every situation +how to deal with horrible situations + how to survive a heartbreak

    Making positive life changes has a great deal to do with one's perception and how you chose to see and address a situation is entirely up to your mind. Patience is required for exercising practicing mindfulness. Also, when it comes to self-improvement, nothing must be rushed in order to achieve a lasting result.

    Situations change for the better or worse and that is just how life goes. To avoid negative thinking you need to learn how to find beauty in everything - even the horrible ones because all we really have is NOW. Not the past and not the future. 

    1. Find an understanding that everything happens for a reason- Everything in life forms a part of a bigger network and all events are interconnected. How to see beauty and positivity here is by remembering that whatever experience you might have had, had to happen for something else to take place as well. When you engage in self-reflections, sometimes you get an 'A-ha!' moment and realize why some things happened the way they did.

    2. Practice gratitude- Keep it at the back of your mind that things could always be worse. No matter how unpleasant a situation might appear to you, remember there are tons of people in the world that would find your 'situation' as golden. When you learn and practice gratitude consistently, you become more calm and at peace with yourself and whatever life throws at you.

    3. Take life as a learning process- There is no manual on how to live a fulfilling life and that is why we experience the good, bad and the ugly which teaches us how to react to similar situations if we come across them again in our lifetime. Every experience in life becomes a 'win-win' to you when you take life as a learning process because there's something to take away from every experience.. a lesson perhaps!
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