6 benefits of spending time alone

how to spend time alone + benefits of spending time alone

A lot of people can’t fathom the idea of spending time alone. It is often viewed as bad thing. For some reason the idea of solitude either means that one is antisocial or unwanted… perhaps a bad company but none of those are true. Spending time alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There are so many benefits to it. I’m not denying the pleasures of  fulfilling relationships we can share with others, but once you learn how to spend time with yourself you will grow as a person too. 

Below are six benefits of spending time alone.

  1. You'll have time to recharge: Lots of energy is expended if you're constantly in company of other people. It can be rigorous trying to keep other people happy, chatting, making small talks, feeding their egos or trying to soothe their moods. It can be draining sometimes. You realize this when you're home at night and the day is done that's why when you step through your front door you make that sigh of relief. A little time alone let's you recharge from the mentally and emotionally job of being in peoples' company,

  2. You'll have time to reflect: A lot goes on in our daily lives that we can barely keep up with ourselves.When you have a close network of people you are always connected to, it becomes hard to find time to reflect and think about what's most important to us. Spending some time alone gives us the opportunity to think about ourselves and put our lives back in perspective. 

  3. You'll get to do exactly what you want: From experience, being in a group of friends means you have to be ready to make compromises and some times what you want to do is not exactly what the group wants. Taking some alone time will be beneficial in getting to do what it is you really want. There are so many activities you can do by yourself just to maintain the balance of keeping your friends and doing what you enjoy also.

  4. Increase in productivity: When I was graduate school, I enjoyed spending lots of time with my friends but I learnt eventually that it also meant decrease in productivity. Taking some time away from all the fun and entertainment has an advantage of being able to focus on important priorities and putting your head down to accomplish them. 

  5. You'll appreciate and enjoy company more: Once you start to spend more and more time alone and eventually start to enjoy it, you'll come to appreciate company better and realize how important it is to share quality time with others and not take loved ones for granted. Your friends will become more valuable to you and you'll start to notice that being in people's company always will make you oblivious to the special qualities about them.

  6. You'll get to build your independence: Being in a state of constant companionship eventually makes you reliant and dependent on others. When you get so used to doing things with others, it becomes harder to do simple things on your own. Spending time alone raises your confidence levels and naturally leads you to feeling more independent. 
Company is a great thing and if you have made quality relationships with people try your best to keep them because good company is priceless. The importance of spending time alone are much more than I've listed. You can discover more within yourself if you do decide to give this a try. 

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