6 fail-proof tips on how to get over a heartbreak

easy steps on how to get over a heartbreak quickly

Billie Holiday has to be one of the most influential and iconic jazz singers of the all time. She had a thriving career and was considered to be one of the best jazz vocalists ever.  I was recently listening to my collection of Billie Holiday when the song Good Morning Heartache played on shuffle. Something struck me on that particular day and I listened word for word.

I finally understood that in that song, she personifies heartbreak as her only companion since her lover went away. It wasn’t just any kind of heartbreak. It was the kind that she got used to and had no will to fight. I took inspiration from her music to write this post. There are a good number of ways to get over heartbreak. I mean whatever works for you, but here’s a list of what you can do to get over heartbreaks quicker than you think.  

  1. Acceptance. The first thing you have to do is accept what happened. Take a moment to understand that a loved one is no longer a part of your life. Acceptance is necessary to grieve and properly heal from heartbreaks. You should allow yourself think of the good memories you and you ex shared and cry about it if you have to.
  2. Snap Snap! Upon accepting the new reality, you need to cut off all ties. Unfollow your ex from all social media platforms, block their number and avoid places you normally go together. Register to a new gym or take a new route to work. You have to avoid them because absence is what you need to process the breakup and clear your mind.
  3. Allow yourself to feel.  There will be memories that come to mind and it’s unavoidable. When this happens, allow yourself feel that feeling. It may be anger, sadness, betrayal, anxiety etc. and potentially these feeling will stir up questions but you don’t want to contact you ex and ask because it really of no use. Doing that will take you back to the beginning and you’ll start to hurt all over again.
  4. Be honest about it. This is a necessary step in finally dealing with it. You need to ask yourself why this break up happened. It may be something you did or something he/she did but never blame yourself. It’s important to remember that because two people are in love doesn’t make them compatible with each other or necessarily have a future together. If the break up didn’t happen at that time it would have been another time.
  5. Get yourself back. Perhaps you’ve let yourself go for a bit and haven’t treated yourself. It’s time to get your hair done, book a massage or join a yoga class. These are things make us feel better even on a good day.
  6. Get back out there. No I don’t mean you should start dating again. This is the time to surround yourself with people you care about and offer to help them if they need help with anything. It is a way for you to think of anything else other that yourself and get involved in different activities. Something new!

Now this may not work for everybody. We all process grief differently and it is something that shouldn’t be rushed. Take the necessary time you need to recover but never allow a day or two more. 

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