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As a teenager I never had acne, maybe one or two spots here and there but it never covered my entire face. I paid no mind to it in the beginning because I never thought it’ll turn into a battle of a year and a half. In this post I will share with you how I completely got rid of acne with lasting results using the acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment.

With my case, I started to get more acne on my cheeks and then my jawline. At this time it had almost covered my face entirely. This was when I started to buy drugstore products but they were ineffective.

I bought more products; I actually spent a lot of money in desperation to get rid of it. Having acne made me self-conscious that I didn’t even want to go out. Thanks to YouTube, my sister came across the acne.org acne treatment. .

She ordered it from the website because it wasn’t sold in UK.  I read the instructions and watched the acne.org how to apply video online.  I applied it that night and followed the strict instructions anyway. Results were promised to be noticeable in two weeks if you adhere to the 3 step regimen.

How to use the Acne.org treatment

Week 1: By the end of week 1 my skin became very tight, itchy and sore.

Week 2: This was a painful process and by the end of week 2 my skin got very dry and got more acne on my face. Apparently, this acne medication is supposed to purge the skin and get rid of all the acne causing bacteria hence more acne.

Week 3: By week 3 my skin started to peel and it was still hurting but I was experiencing all the things I learnt from numerous YouTubers review so I started to have hope.

Week 4: there was more peeling and my skin was still feeling tight but I started to get used to it. I also noticed my spots were drying up more.

Week 5: By this time I stopped getting new spots and the ones I had were mostly dried up and healed. I noticed less peeling and the new skin beneath was smooth.

Week 6 & 7:  The peeling had stopped and my skin wasn’t dry and itchy anymore. Note that the peeling is necessary to exfoliate the skin. This was very helpful because my acne scars became less noticeable too.

Tips & advice to note when following the Acne.org regimen
  1. Apply Vaseline or any other petroleum balm around your eye socket before you apply the treatment. Do this to avoid the treatment getting around the soft skin around your eyes. It may hurt pretty bad if it does.
  2. Be very strict and patient with this regimen. It requires between a month or two to see results depending on how severe you acne is. Try not to miss any application.
  3. Keep your hands away. Do not touch your acne, do not pop as well. More importantly do not pull your dry skin during the peeling phase, it may result to scarring.
Nothing else worked for me and  I just thought I had to share this because I know how it feels to have acne and how it feels when you have a clear smooth skin as well. I still use this product sparingly along with a mattifying moisturizer to keep acne away.

Honestly, this is the only acne treatment that works for severe acne and that was how I got rid of my face acne using the acne.org treatment.


  1. I have gone through the acne.org regimen using the cleanser, moisturiser and benzoyl peroxide and it really changed my life for good. its the only acne remedy which has worked for me

  2. Never heard of this one but looks like it actually worked for you. Awesome.