How to properly clean up your makeup tools

how to take care of your make up tools

Cleaning your make up brushes regularly is something everyone is aware of. Right? We are so scared of zits and acne that we forget there are other tools that need the same treatment. These tools are overlooked when it comes to cleaning and not doing this regularly too can be bad for you.

I know what you’re thinking. Sharpeners? Pencil sharpeners come in contact with objects we use on our eyes and lips. You know that inner part where you stick your pencil in with all the mishmash of product build-up? That’s where the germs hide.  Anything that comes in contact with your waterline should be kept clean always. Mascaras aren’t the only things that can cause eye infections.

  • How to clean: You can scrub them with an old toothbrush using warm temperature water to get the product build up out and give it a 1 minute soak in isopropyl.

Lash curlers
The eye is very delicate and that’s the reason why regular cleaning of eye make-up tools is very important. Plus eye infections are pretty gross. Unlike mascaras, an eyelash curler doesn’t rest in moisture but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about cleaning them because eye lash curlers touch the base of your lash line too.

  • How to clean: give it a regular wipe down using isopropyl alcohol.

From plucking your eyebrows, to applying a falsie or digging into in-grown hair and such, this tool really does it all and for that I don’t think there’s need for more reasons why it needs to be cleaned regularly as well.

  • How to clean: a two minute swim in piping hot water will do it some good. Also you can give it few dips in isopropyl.

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