Valentino Donna Perfume Review

Valentino Donna Review Womens Fragrance and Perfume

This is my first purchase of a Valentino fragrance, I'm usually a Dior girl but I'm glad I was able to step out of my comfort zone to try something different which I love. So I purchased the Valentino Donna. 

I stumbled upon this beauty while looking around at the airport duty free section. I love to window shop to find out whats new in the beauty department in hopes that I walk out of the store in empty hands but I’m yet to conquer that lol. 

A man walked up to me. “Are you looking for something for yourself?” he said. I told him “Not really” and that was my mistake lol. That wasn’t an affirmative answer. He told me there were a couple of nice perfumes he’d like to show me. With an hour of nothing better to do, I said fine.

He showed me a couple of fragrances but was either too strong or subtle. Then he said “What about this one?” It looked interesting to me, and the bottle was so beautiful. I have never worn a Valentino perfume before and with one whiff and I fell right in love with it right away! It smelled like nothing I had ever tried before. I had to get it!

I am not a huge fan of floral scents so you can imagine my surprise to have loved this one. You know how every time you try a floral perfume, you wish to be surprised by a different note to it but you end up slightly disappointed with a repetitive, generic floral smell?

Well, Valentino Donna did that for me. A great perfumer after all. It offers a floral scent that smells nothing like the usual ones because the notes in this are quite different. Containing leather and patchouli notes, it gives this fragrance a mature feel. This perfume can easily be anyone's signature perfume.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s super easy to wear daytime or night time. I am used to complex fragrances and sometimes you just want a simple scent. Donna is lightly powdery, lightly sweet, and floral with a light note of leather.

A puff of expensive face powder, a fresh Iris, a world star hotel bathroom… it is quite reminiscent of all of those things. This is the nude pumps of perfumes. It’s an easy option for when you can decide what to wear and it does have a lasting scent transforming between sweet roses and leather on me! The bottle on the other hand, is absolutely elegant. I love the weight of it and it looks beautiful sitting on my dresser.

It is very powdery, feminine and classy. It is a scent that makes me think-"luxury" and if you like anything luxurious, then Valentino Donna is just for you.

Top Notes- Bergamot
Heart Notes -Iris Pallida, Rose
Base Notes -Leather, Patchouli, Vanilla

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. My favourite fragrance of all time is Tresor midnight rose by Lancome

  2. Such a cute bottle! I have to check it out
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    1. I think you'll love it just as much as I do.

  3. Oh my god the packaging on this has me sold alone, so stunning! You have the loveliest little blog here by the way, well done on all the hard work you put into it.. it really pays off! x


    1. Aww, thanks a lot! Blogging has really become an enjoyable hobby for me.