How to find like-minded people and build genuine connection


Have you ever been in a crowd and asked your self "what am I doing here?" Ever been in a gathering and felt so withdrawn and probably can't relate to the topics of discussion? If you answered YES then you probably need to find your own tribe.

Your tribe isn't necessarily the people you share cultural values with or bloodline. When you can feel renewed, energized and be your true self around a group of people, then that is your tribe. They typically understand you without saying too much and ultimately can be your support system.

I've always struggled to find a group of people I can connect with without losing my alignment to my true self. I have friends but my friends weren't really friends with each other and that made hanging out as a group bit difficult.

Eventually, I learnt how to find and attract my tribe and I am more than happy to share.

Discover your interests:

Finding out what your interests are will not only serve you as a hobby. Developing your interests or talents and sharing them publicly will attract people who share common interests with you.

Engage in creative activities you are truly passionate about and share them on any social media platform of your choice. Tumblr is a great place to start for creatives.

yellow tape rule + golden thread

Go to the right places 

An art lover, who visits the museum regularly has a higher chance of meeting fellow art lovers, than going anywhere else. So whatever you love to do, research where your tribe will likely hang out and go there. You may need to sign up for a class or two but it will be worth it.

best museums of 2017 + 2017 architecture + ancient buildings

Be open minded

Looks aren't always what they may appear to be. Keep in mind that someone that could be a potential member of your tribe may be around the corner. Meet people, talk to them and look past the exterior. Listen first, decide after.

sweet grandmother with grandson + Myanmar greenery

Be true to yourself

You need to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what your intentions are and why you want to find your tribe. Do not pretend to like what you don't in order to belong to a group- or to gain something from specific kinds of people. Your lack of interest will eventually show.

Let your guard down

The only way to really enjoy an authentic and compassionate relationship is by letting your guard down and being somewhat vulnerable. If you appear to not have any concerns or flaws people find it harder to connect with you. By exposing your vulnerabilities, you'll attract like minded people who share the same or similar thoughts and opinions as you.

holding hands friendship

Building and finding your tribe is not an overnight process. It requires patience, confidence and honesty but it is totally worth it.