How to find beauty in every moment - even the horrible ones

how to find beauty in every situation +how to deal with horrible situations + how to survive a heartbreak

Making positive life changes has a great deal to do with one's perception and how you chose to see and address a situation is entirely up to your mind. Patience is required for exercising practicing mindfulness. Also, when it comes to self-improvement, nothing must be rushed in order to achieve a lasting result.

Situations change for the better or worse and that is just how life goes. To avoid negative thinking you need to learn how to find beauty in everything - even the horrible ones because all we really have is NOW. Not the past and not the future. 

  1. Find an understanding that everything happens for a reason- Everything in life forms a part of a bigger network and all events are interconnected. How to see beauty and positivity here is by remembering that whatever experience you might have had, had to happen for something else to take place as well. When you engage in self-reflections, sometimes you get an 'A-ha!' moment and realize why some things happened the way they did.

  2. Practice gratitude- Keep it at the back of your mind that things could always be worse. No matter how unpleasant a situation might appear to you, remember there are tons of people in the world that would find your 'situation' as golden. When you learn and practice gratitude consistently, you become more calm and at peace with yourself and whatever life throws at you.

  3. Take life as a learning process- There is no manual on how to live a fulfilling life and that is why we experience the good, bad and the ugly which teaches us how to react to similar situations if we come across them again in our lifetime. Every experience in life becomes a 'win-win' to you when you take life as a learning process because there's something to take away from every experience.. a lesson perhaps!

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