Do these in your 20's to prepare for your 50's self

anti-ageing tricks + how to reverse the signs of ageing + when to start anti ageing creams

Ageing is beautiful. I think of it as an opportunity to experience life through different stages. How we live normally changes by how old we are. The food we eat, the company we keep and the places we go constantly changes as we get older and there's no better feeling of accomplishment than being mentally and physically prepared for future occurrences. Here's a few ways you can start an early preparation for ageing;

  1. An early start on anti-ageing creams: there's a common misconception that you only need to start using anti-ageing creams only after a certain age or after spotting your first wrinkles or lines. In Asia, women start to look after their skin between the ages of 18-20 while in the western world, it is more common to find women starting an anti-ageing regimen by 35 and by that time more money is spent on correcting these rather than delaying the lines from appearing.
  2. Eating healthy: the importance of a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized. It is extremely necessary in order to live a quality life over a long period of years. Making sure you get key nutrients daily will prevent illnesses and diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure disorders which are more common to the older people. 
  3. Exercising for well-being: there's numerous reasons to why people exercise, mostly for appearances or sports. Targeting moderate to vigorous cardio activities 5 hours a week however, has been said to extend your life by at least 5 years when compared to adults who do not exercise. The catch is the heart benefits a lot from cardio. 
  4. Read a book at least once a year: If you read a book once a year by thirty, you would have read at least 20 book by 50. Reading helps keep your brain strong and healthy and improves the memory as well by forging new though pathways. Reading forces us to be alert and focus on small details. It challenges our thinking process which is beneficial in keeping your brain healthy and memory intact.
  5. De-clutter: not just clothes or belongings, but letting go of unnecessary people and emotions is beneficial in reducing stress and negativity. Choose to surround yourself with people who make you happy and bring out the best in you. As we get older, we tend to value quality over quantity in everything and one way to ensure that you have the best crew by 50 is to start vetting your circle of friends right now. 


  1. I never thought about some of these things before. Great list!

  2. Love these tips. I have to start thinking long term. Thanks!!

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  3. More than a book a year!!!


    1. Absolutely! One a year is baby steps for non-readers.

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