How to spend a great night in alone

July 04, 2017

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I don't know about you but I look forward to spending a cozy night in. It's just what I love to do- perhaps I'm getting old haha!! When the day is done and I want to relax, I find the best way to treat myself is to a night in alone. Especially on weekdays. My weekends are more open to socializing.

For a single girl, there are days when you crave company and other days you're completely on cloud 9 with just yourself. Being single has its advantages too unlike the world like to tell it.

So, if you are a single girl in need of an exciting and successful night in, then I think this post is for you.

  1. Make all the relevant phone calls and return all calls too before you start your evening. Not being with company doesn't mean you are not allowed to keep your focus on yourself. So no interruptions. 
  2. Whether you are spending your night in on a couch or in your bedroom, it's time to prepare your snacks. Have a side table and lay out your drinks and treats for easy reach. That's a form of pampering in its self. 
  3. It's time for a hot relaxing shower. Showering on evenings is beneficial to our minds and bodies. It not only washes the dirt and grime of the day away but a hot shower has been proven to be therapeutic as it loosens tight muscles all over your body causing your body to relax and your muscles to be less tense. 
  4. Dim the lights. I like to set the tone of my space akin to a spa's. I find it relaxing. 
  5. Now put on your favorite nightwear. When I'm having my night ins, I usually reach for the sexy ones. You don't have to have company to look sexy. Dressing up for yourself should be just as fun and empowering. 
  6. What I like to do next is my skin care routine and maybe paint my nails too. 
  7. Depends on what you enjoy doing, now it's time to put on your Netflix, a movie in your collection or get that book that's been laying on your shelf for a while. My guilty pleasures are old Hollywood classics. Cough *Sleepless in Seattle* cough. 
  8. Time to enjoy the snacks you laid out and while on your night in activity. A tip I'd like to share is that I choose healthier snacks over the rich and indulgent ones. Whenever there's a tendency for me to munch till very late, the least I can do is make it as healthy as I can. 
  9. Let the rest of the night flow however direction it may. This is not the time to worry about anything else outside your door. 
They say a little act of kindness goes a long way. Part of that is being kind to yourself and practicing self care. It really goes a very long way.

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  1. Your post just made me dream of that evening! So clever to just finish all phone calls beforehand. That could actually work!!
    I believe you would really like my giveaway!!

    1. Thanks, I will definitely have a look at your giveaway.

  2. I actually prefer spending my nights alone at home then going out. but I am super old compare to you! haha

    1. I've always found more comfort at home as opposed to going out as well.

  3. Self care is often overlooked due to the stress and busyness of our lives, but it is so important. Your evening sounds perfect. I love having a night in and watching a movie in bed. Sometimes its so needed.

    Adrianna xx |