My current skin care necessities for dry skin

great moisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted ray

moisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted raymoisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted raymoisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted raymoisturising skincare products, dry skin, underayted ray

Anyone who knows me know that half of my yearly purchase are primarily skincare products.. then food, lol. In this post, I share with you guys my current skincare favourites for my dry skin as we go into the drier months. First of all I'm going to share with you guys my wonderful skin type. 

*Face: Oily around the t-zone and normal around the perimeters. Acne-prone with a constant battle with blackheads.

*Lips: normal in warmer months but chap-prone in the colder months

*Body: Dry.. very dry

*Feet & Hands: super duper dry!

Whew! Now that that's out of the way, it's time to share why I've opted for this particular products. I think I need to declare as well that I'm sort of  a product junkie. I like trying new products always and may not commit to one for very long. However, if I find something that works unbeatably, then I'll keep purchasing.

I love these product because they do not clog my pores which is very important for my acne prone skin and oily skin. Using these on a daily basis has helped to tame my wild skin.

Body Shop Body Butters: I mean.. if you could wear the wonderful scents and flavours of fruits on your skin, why wouldn't you? I love Body Shop. This brand is truly wonderful: naturally sourced ingredients, cruelty free, impressive corporate social responsibility schemes (getting carried away now because I wrote a term paper about them which I aced lol). I just love them for what they embody. More so, the body butters are just so nice for my skin type. They moisturise me perfectly and there's a whole range to chose from however mango and almond are my favourites.

Laura Mercier Foam Bath: I discovered this brand last year when all the Youtube beauty gurus raved about the loose setting powder and thought to take a look at their skincare. I used the souffle body creme first which I fell in love with then and now the bath cream makes me excited about a bath. It smells divine and doesn't dry out my skin. The scent lingers for so long. This is just a great product.

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion: By now, you should have caught on that I love scented products on my body (..but not my face!).  I love this body lotion  for the simple fact that it moisturises and smells very nice with a wide range of scents to chose from. Sometimes I have to layer on some coconut oil for optimum moisture and glow. 

Royal Jelly Hand & Nail Cream: Guys, I'll let you in on something.. don't be so quick to write off Marks & Spencer's beauty products. This hand and nail cream is the best thing that happened to my dry hands and palms. It deeply moisturises with no need for frequent top ups. It has a light scent and instantly makes my hand plump. I really recommend this.

Body Shop's Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30: I must admit I have a love/hate feeling towards this moisturiser. I love how it moisturises my face and leaves it matte and protected from UV rays but I find the scent overpowering for me. The vitamin c is beneficial for your skin and I noticed my face getting brighter while some blemishes were fading away. I uses SPF as much as I can and not only when the sun is out and bright. This works well, gets the job done I'm just not into the heavy scent. 

Nature's Ingredients Shea Lip Butter: This lip butter was given to me by my sister. I ran out of the Vaseline I would normally use and I'm even happier with this product. It contains shea butter which is a very good moisturising agent. This lip butter keeps my lips soft and moisturised all day long. I really can't believe how long it lasts on! Another great find from M&S.


  1. I suffer from dry skin too! Winter is approaching so it's indeed time to start moisturizing!! That hand cream seems interesting!


  2. These products sound so good. I really like The Body Shop's stuff, their body butter is really nice.

  3. So helpful I need to try some of these. My skin is going through such a horrible stage with this weather where it is breaking out but so dry at the same time.. so annoying! x


  4. It's great that you shared what you use for your dry skin, it was so interesting to read! Gonna try some of them to look if it's suitable for me too :) thanks xx


    1. Thank you! Hope you find something that works great too.

  5. I love the body shop!!