5 uplifting ways to spend the holidays alone

5 uplifting ways to spend the Christmas alone

If you may find yourself spending this Christmas alone (it happens) or just happen to be away from home around that time of the year which is kinda okay if you are not a huge festive person to begin with but it sucks when everything in the air screams family time and you're alone.

In these times, I would sleep in after a having a huge hearty meal just to escape the reality and thoughts that everyone and their cats and dogs are having a nice time but me. This year, I am going a different route and including myself in the festivities.

The holidays is symbolic for 'a time to give' which is something anyone can be a part of. Time to give to yourself and to others. I have a few ideas of what I could do to make it a memorable Christmas for myself this year. I'll share with you how successful it goes in January 2018.

1. Get a Christmas Tree Anyway

Just because you are alone doesn't mean you can't get a tree for yourself. There's something about a Christmas tree and how it can lighten up moods. Also, some people find it therapeutic to decorate one as well. Set it up, put all gifts you receive prior to Christmas day underneath (even the ones you've bought for yourself). That should give you something to look forward to on Boxing Day. 

2. Dine as if you weren't Alone

To make the day special and still very memorable, how about you cook yourself a feast? All the favourite things you love to eat.. also food is very comforting and for me, it always makes me feel good and happy. The holidays are for indulging anyways so why not go to town with all your favourites foods. Or if you're feeling lazy? How about you order in one.

3. Binge Watch as Many Movies as you Want

Why not? This is the perfect time and opportunity to catch up on all the good shows and your recorded ones as well. By the time you've gone through 3 movies or shows, a good chunk of your day would have been well spent.

4. Donate Food to Charities and Shelters

Everyone should be happy during the holidays and giving a little bit of love can go a very long way. Donate money, clothes and food to shelters and charities just to put a smile on someone's face. I love this quote from a Jay Z song which says "The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous". This form of giving is the most rewarding to me because it's feels like magic or a miracle to the receiver. That makes it extra special.

5. Skype or Facetime Family and Friends

You can still send your love to family and friends without being physically there. Call them, spread the cheer and all the love with your favourite people. That's a sure fire way to feel better and it's bound to add a priceless sprinkle to your day. 


  1. Love a good movie night, binge-watching is always a yes! Lovely post xo

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. Spending the holidays alone is sad but Christmas movies are always there haha.

  3. Nice post. I hope you will enjoy Christmas time too, although you celebrate alone. It´s really sad, but on the other hand - I´m sure you have a good friends around you. Christmas movies are always good.
    xx Vera

  4. These are all such sweet ways to celebrate the holidays on your own!